Infinite Ways to Contribute

There are now several ways that you can be involved. The first thing you have to do is organize your life experience and schedule with current opportunities available in the Girl Society:

  • Ciphers: Want to participate directly with girls on a consistent basis? Star a cipher in your home, church, temple or school with a group of girls. Meet on a weekly basis and be the Reflection that will grow your girls into women one meeting at a time.
  • Fair Exchange:
  1. Allow our girls to sell your businesses’ products in our Fair Exchange Catalog.This is a year round Savings Campaign for girls to earn passage based on their individual contribution to community based businesses. Each girl earns personal profits to use for approved activities i.e. college funds, dance lessons, traveling etc…
  2. Manage the Fair Exchange program locally regionally, or nationally.
  • Butter Fly Economy: Manage our Girl Society sponsored Cipher fundraising campaigns locally, regionally, or nationally.
  • Events:  Sponsor or organize Girl Society events.
  • Direct Reflection: Do you have a specific skill? Sponsor a girl with an interest and share your expertise online or offline as a Direct Reflection.
  • Passages: Submit or write Girl Society programming.
  • Virtual: Add on by mentoring via an online environment.

Become a Girl Society volunteer today. Please download our Volunteer Form.

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  1. Donna says:

    Hey by the way I still have the Merchandise even though I should have gotten rid of it by now!but i really would like to hear from you sistas!Donna!

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