• The most tangible representation of god on Earth

    Posted on April 14, 2014 by in News

     Maybe it will help to know that male and female are the essence because we derive from the same essence in creation. The nature within each of our individual nature when fully cultivated and developed will together form a complimentary whole. This whole is balance, perfection, peace, heaven.


    But we are suffering. We are suffering at the hands of an open enemy who fully comprehends this nature. We are suffering their abuse and abuse of men who suffer abuse the same.  There will be no improvement to our lot, no liberation, no power, no supremacy, no uplifting in our humanity until the abuse stops. There is the problem.


    The solution is how we see the problem. Listen to reason. We must then see ourself in the problem. The reason the condition still exists. We are the foundation of civilization and the reason for the condition that we are in. There can be no new world order without purge, conditioning, and understanding of who we are and what that means to creation.


    The Almighty is all things in existence past, present, and future. We need to have a clear understanding of who we are in relation to all things in existence. We are the most tangible representation of God on Earth. We are the merciful beneficiaries. We are the bearers of the new generations that bring us closer and closer to our perfect nature. God.


    We need to reinforce that merciful relationship by showing reverence to motherhood. We must protect the womb and  the passageway to the womb because it is sacred. We have to reverence mothers, daughters, sisters. Protect the womb from which all must come because it is sacred. It is the house of God. This is where nature works to bring the solutions to all of our problems through generations.

    Our womanifestation of our relationship to our Nature is represented in the way we treat ourselves and others and how we allow others to treat us. When we do not know who we are and thus do not have a good relationship with our nature, we violate ourselves and create an open invitation to allow ourselves to be violated by men and the society that violates them. #hmic

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