• The business of women.

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    POLICING each other as daughters, sisters, and others is our pleasure and our duty. We are not comfortable with any Aboriginal woman being a “single” mother.

    The broad assumptions about single mothers’ attitudes and motivations, without speaking to or referencing more than one single mother is real. It is not our job to investigate fathers’ attitudes or motivations. We choose and do to instead opt to address ourselves as women who preemptively prepare for the possibility of parenting with our men.

    Majority women, Black single mothers are among the most scrutinized and the least engaged group within the mothering community. This makes what and more importantly WHY we do at the girl Society UNIQUE.

    This meme does appear to be primarily circulated by women, I do not agree that seeks to actively disengage and distance one single mother from another based on differences in problem-solving and attitudes. It is a meme and it is ENGAGING.We choose and volunteer to be a part of the oppressed stereotype. We do not need to continue to fuel this large societal effort that vilifies us as unmarried mothers. This meme is not problematic to those who have the answers. We are the majority shareholders in numbers and in race. The Aboriginal, Black, Moor woman are the problem and the solution.

    We do not have to attack our responses to issues that are much larger than how loud WE ARE, how WE confront a child support issue, or how WE manage money. We at the girl Society engage in non judgmental conversation and behaviors with our sisters and correct our status altogether because we are each other’s reference. On our honor we promise to lead by example to each other.

    As a sisterhood we are commanded to find out why we handle things differently and we teach the code. As Black Mothers no matter what age and before anything else, our first line of defense against public misrepresentation is private and public respect for each other. are a secret society. Why? Because we are a society with it’s own business. The business of women.

    If you believe this and want to join our efforts please email us at protectthewomb@gmail.com

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