• It takes a Village

    Posted on March 1, 2012 by in Podasts

    Women have been paralyzed too long by succumbing to the purported dominant culture. Our minds are distorted and disfigured. Our handicap is exploited and used as revenue for big business like (U.S.A.). Whole movements whose sole purpose was to get a people to adapt and integrate have been glorified when really what is happening is a mental and metaphysical enslavement and genocide of an entire people. The natural intelligence, intuition, instinct of women (mother) is in bondage.

    The cycle stops here. It is time to stop using a template that is not our own. Our salvation is not going to come from a design outside of ourselves. It is not going to come from made up concept from a people that are only like 41,000 years old and only some 6,000 years rulership when we are primordial, ageless, and infinite. The world is our template (temple). As Above So Below.


    We are going to have to face ourselves. We will no longer be distracted. This is Ether Warz. See we know that once we are healed and whole so will the rest of the world be healed and whole. Girl Society is our Social Engineering Program. It is BG4G (By Girls 4 Girls). We are forward strong in uplifting humanity One Girl at a Time…but It Takes a Village.

    Tonight on Abundance Child Live, Abundance Child, hosts a queen mother of the village, Queen Afua. Queen Afua has been teaching us to Heal Thyself  via our Sacred Wombs by our own definition. She has taught us to respect our essence and take everything else with a grain of sea salt.

    Please tune in at 8pm EST by clicking here or call (347)215-5692. Remember It Takes a Village.




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