Butter Fly Economy



ACOA strives to be the largest BG4G business in under served communities.  ACOA strives to generate economic stability for girls, women, ciphers, and the communities they serve.  ACOA has partnered with Common Cents Consulting to train girls and their Reflections to write Cipher business plans.

Why Shea Butter?

The Root of the Karite Tree (the source of the Shea Butter) is rooted in the Mother Land. This is directly correlates to our purpose in ensuring all girls realize that in order to uplift humanity they must realize they are the mother of humanity.  That Mother Earth has provided us with resources to remain strong confident law abiding citizens of the Earth.

While learning life skills ALL members of the Girl society will :

  • be reminded to be strong and rooted like the Karite Tree,while remaining as soft as the Butter.
  • to lend our voices and use our product to give visibility to Shea Producers.
  • Be educated on how our work affects the actual producers of Shea Butter.
  • Set goals that are in alignment with the community they serve
  • Learn Business Ethics, Finance Management, Health and Beauty, Public Relations, and Customer Relations


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